Management Team

Mr. Alain Perrot / Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Alain Perrot is the chief executive officer and the executive Director of our Company. Mr. Perrot is responsible for overseeing overall business development and day-to-day operations of our Group. Mr. Perrot joined our Group in May 2015 and has been a director of Home Control Singapore, Home Control Europe and our Company since September 2015, May 2015 and November 2015, respectively.
Prior to joining our Company, from April 2012 to December 2013, Mr. Perrot was the chief commercial officer and a director of TP Vision Holding BV, a company then owned by Philips and TPV Technology Limited (“TPV”), a monitor and TV manufacturer listed on both the Stock Exchange (stock code: 903) and Singapore Exchange Limited (stock code: T18), and principally engaged in TV business under the Philips brand. Mr. Perrot worked as the general manager of the branded TV business unit and vice president of TPV, from November 2010 to April 2012. Mr. Perrot served various positions within Philips group from October 1979 to September 2009 and worked as the chief executive officer of Philips Lighting Asia Pacific Region from January 2008 to September 2009.
Mr. Perrot obtained an engineering master degree in aeronautics and space from École Nationale Supe´rieure de l’Ae´ronautique et de l’Espace in August 1979.
Mr. Jean Paul L. Abrams / Head of Sales
Mr. Jean Paul L. Abrams is the head of sales of our Group. Mr. Abrams is responsible for sales activities in Europe and leading our sales teams in Europe and Latin America. Mr. Abrams joined our Group in January 1995 and has 24 years of experience with our Group. Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Abrams served various positions in Philips group from May 1987 to December 1994. Mr. Abrams obtained a bachelor’s degree in economic sciences from Limburg Business School in Diepenbeek, Belgium in September 1983 and a master’s degree in applied economic sciences from Catholic University of Leuven in March 1987, respectively.
Mr. Rick Siu / Head of Marketing & Innovation
Mr. Rick Siu is the head of marketing and innovation of our Group. Mr. Siu is responsible for leading the research and development and product marketing teams in Singapore to generate innovations, intellectual properties and support the sales team in pre-sales marketing and commercial negotiation activities. Mr. Siu joined our Group in September 1999 and has 19 years of experience with our Group. Mr. Siu obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from National University of Singapore in July 1991.
Ms. Guat Beng Ng / Global Financial Controller
Ms. Guat Beng Ng is the global financial controller of our Group. Ms. Ng is responsible for supervising the compliance of our Group’s financial practices, monitoring cash flow, accounts and other financial transactions and overseeing finance teams in day-to-day accounting and finance operations. Ms. Ng joined Philips in January 2003 and our Group in January 2010 and has 9 years of experience with our Group. Ms. Ng also serves as a director of HCS (Suzhou), Home Control Suzhou and Home Control Europe. Ms. Ng obtained a master’s degree of business administration from Schulich School of Business of York University in Toronto, Canada in June 2001.
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